On 23rd August 2001 the MRS joined, en block, the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia and is now known as the College of Radiology, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia.

From To President
1976 1978 Dato’ Dr SK Dharmalingam (Consultant Radiotherapist/Clinical Oncology)
1978 1984 Dato’ Dr Hussain Abdul Ghani (Consultant Radiologist)
1984 1986 Dr Perdamen Singh (Consultant Radiotherapist/Clinical Oncology)
1986 1990 Dato’ Dr Hj Ismail Saad (Consultant Radiologist)
1990 1994 Dato’ Dr K. Kulaveerasingam (Consultant Radiologist)
1994 2000 Dato’ Dr Joginder Singh (Consultant Radiologist)
2000 2004 Dr Sathyamoorthy Ponnusamy (Consultant Radiologist)
2004 2006 Dr Basri Johan Jeet Abdullah (Consultant Radiologist)
2006 2010 Dr Evelyn Ho Lai Ming (Consultant Radiologist)
2010 2012 Dr Humairah Samad Cheung (Consultant Radiologist)
2012 2016 Dr Abdul Rahman Mohamad (Consultant Radiologist)
2016 2020 Dr Amir Fuad Hussain (Consultant Radiologist)
2020 2022 Prof Dr Norlisah Mohd Ramli (Consultant Neuroradiologist)