Consensus Statements/Position Statements

  • Ultrasound Usage in Medical Practice (2022)
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  • Position statement AOSR regarding Radiologist as Clinicians
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  • Liver-specific MRI contrast agent in the diagnosis and management of hepatocellular carcinoma (2020): Consensus document by College of Radiology, Malaysia
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  • Consensus Statement on the Utilisation of Cardiac Computed Tomography 2015 – 2nd Edition
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  • Malaysian Consensus Statement on the Utilisation of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance 2015
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  • Malaysian Consensus of Hepatobiliary Imaging 2015
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  • Neuroradiology Training Guidelines
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  • CoR Update on Breast Imaging/Screening
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  • Consensus Statement on Utilisation of Cardiac CT – launched 31 July 2008 [1.38Mb]
    A joint statement by the College of Radiology, Malaysia & National Heart Association of Malaysia to address issues related to appropriate and judicious use of cardiac computed tomography in Malaysia.
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  • College of Radiology, Academy of Medicine (CoR) Position Statement on Computed Tomography Laser Mammography (CTLM):
    The CoR acknowledge that CTLM is ‘work in progress’, but has not had the United States Food & Drug Administration approval. As such the CoR does not support its use in general for breast cancer screening.

College of Radiology Initiatives for Safety, Practice Guidelines and/or Quality Assurance Programmes [August 2008]

The following are currently recommendations by the College of Radiology and we invite feedback which can be sent to our College of Radiology Secretariat.


Lecture on International Guidelines And Regulations For The Safe Use Of Diagnostic Ultrasound In Medicine and the new approach to diagnostic ultrasound.

Acts of Parliament

Clinical Practice Guidelines, Malaysia (CPG)

  • Click here to access Malaysian CPGS, including The Management of Breast Cancer 2nd Edition (2010)