Q:  If the radiologist is no longer a COR member, can he / she pay the same fee as a COR member of not good standing?
A:  Applicant may join MyRad by paying the full membership fee of RM 450 without being a CoR member. However, they will not get the benefits of CoR membership ie being part of a larger organisation such as AMM and being a stakeholder in guidelines and policies from the Ministry of Health (MOH), NSR, other agencies and international societies’ approach under CoR.

A non-CoR member will also be ineligible to be a Fellow under AMM.

Hence, it is recommended that all members of MyRad are also CoR members in good standing.

Q:  For a new radiologist, can we choose MYRAD only? Applying for both MYRAD and COR may feel like redundant plus need to pay both fees?
A:  This is up to the applicants to choose however they need to bear in mind that they will not get the benefits of CoR membership as stated above and if they are existing members they should be  in good standing.

Q: Since MYRAD offers a one-off membership fee which is reasonable, is it ok to stop the membership fee to COR since a huge percentage of this goes to AMM?
A: This is the applicant’s personal choice. MYRAD offers life membership (stand-alone) and caters for local and international congresses, webinars and seminars with fees discount for all events organised by MYRAD / COR only.

Q: When you are an Interventional Radiologist, there are MYSIR, MYNIS, Alumni Radiology UKM, APSCVIR and many more membership fees. Basically, can we choose MYRAD only?
A:  There are many radiological societies available. Applicants can choose whichever society that interest them.